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Make Travel Planning Easier With These New Google Features

Planning a trip can be tough, especially when organizing it for multiple people. Google has introduced new features that make it easier to plan travel plans and keep track of important details.

One such feature is tracking flight prices for “any dates” to help you save money on airfare. This feature is based on your past searches and travel preferences.

Travel Planning

Updated Hotel Browsing

Google is launching new travel tools that will help travelers save money on flights and hotels, browse hotels more easily, and discover attractions during their trip. These include a mobile-friendly hotel browsing feature, a flight price guarantee badge, and attraction suggestions.

When a traveler searches “hotels near me,” they’ll now be able to see photos, reviews, and amenities in an easy-to-read swipeable format. Users can also save a hotel, get more details about the area, and view a summary of what other travelers find remarkable about each property.

Using Google Hotel Finder to showcase your hotel and connect with travelers is an effective way to increase direct bookings and improve online visibility. Ensure that your photos are up to date and encourage your guests to leave reviews by responding promptly to any negative feedback, which will demonstrate your attentiveness.

Flight Price Guarantee Program

Buying airfare is often a stressful process, with travelers constantly worried they’ll see lower prices after they book. Google is trying to make that less of a worry with its new flight price guarantee program. Eligible flights will display a “colorful price badge” that indicates Google is confident the ticket won’t get cheaper before takeoff. The offer is available on select itineraries booked via Google Flights that depart from the U.S. and are paid for with Google Pay.

Google will monitor fares and pay back the difference if the price drops within 24 hours of purchase. The company says it’s implementing the feature to give peace of mind to consumers during peak booking season. It builds on a service that already shows whether flight prices are low, typical or high when compared with historic averages.

Seamless Booking for Experiences and Attractions

When it comes to maximizing travel experiences, Google wants you to know what’s available in the area with new booking options for attractions and tours. This new feature helps travelers find the right option for them based on their trip dates and preferences.

Another new addition is a train search that allows users to find routes and prices for trains in certain countries with one result. This will help make traveling more sustainable and easy for those interested in doing so.

Lastly, Google is improving its Explore tool by tracking flight prices for any dates rather than just the specific ones you specify. This will save you time scouring the web for deals and may help you find even more exciting vacation ideas. The tool will also suggest destinations nearby based on your current location.

Map and Explore National Parks

National parks are a great way to get away from it all, but navigating the sites and trails can be tricky. Beginning later this month, Google Maps will make it easier to navigate parks with updates that will highlight key locations like entrances and provide more specific directions when searching for a trail.

In addition to highlighting popular spots, including attractions, campgrounds, and visitor centers, Maps will also show the entire route of a trail along with details like whether the trek is suitable for running or cycling. Similarly, a trail’s difficulty level and reviews from other hikers will be listed.

Another helpful feature is the ability to download a park’s map for offline use. The download button will be displayed prominently on a park’s listing and will work even without Internet or cellular data, says Google.


Google’s trip planning features are evolving to help travelers plan more realistic itineraries. Whether it’s laying out an itinerary with Recents, using Immersive View, or getting at-a-glance directions, these new tools will make travel planning easier than ever.

Google is also optimizing hotel browsing by showing users summaries of neighborhoods and hotels when searching for accommodation options. It will also keep in mind past searches and show hotels that are similar.

For those with flexible dates, Google’s new tool shows when it is best to visit a location by taking into account crowds, weather, and pricing. It’s a great way to get a sense of what is possible in your desired timeframe. The feature will be available starting today in Maps.

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